Success story – Outsourcing to Germany

Empowering the KLUSA Project Team

The multi-project and portfolio management product KLUSA by OPUS Business Solutions GmbH from Bavaria, Germany is used by enterprise companies for production and R&D projects. KLUSA is a fully web based solution which offers the core elements of project planning: scheduling, work breakdown structure, resource planning and budgeting. Since 2008 we are cooperating with OPUS, as their main partner in the area of software development and customer support for the KLUSA product.

Within this long-term partnership our team is responsible for developing, designing and supporting this Microsoft .NET technology based system. During the ongoing session our colleagues are taking part in coordination, design and execution, and also act as an intermediary between the virtual teams, helping them with consultation and technical solutions.

We are the exclusive reseller company of the KLUSA product on the East European market. We are proud of this accomplishment; hence we know we represent the level of the German quality and professionalism for implementing project management in our region.

since 2008
Team size:
8 experts
Major deliveries:
Amount of work:
16K man days
Empowering the KLUSA Project Team

Fast and smooth communication and software development on a constantly high quality level are key criteria for us. Based on our positive experience we will expand our cooperation in the future, and we are looking forward to working and developing complex state-of-the-art software with our colleagues at Gnome Design. all
Carsten Schmidt, Klusa - Division Manager, OPUS GmbH, Germany