Our mission

Dear Partner!


Have you ever planned a trip to a place where you have never been before? To a peak, that you have always wanted to reach, not because it has been a duty, but because you were really curious to see it. You have got an aim and you would like to fulfill it, in spite of being conscious that the unknown reserves difficulties and challenges. Should I try it or not? The question lies in your thoughts and you cannot stop thinking about it.

You do not create a plan B, you are not looking for alternatives. You simply believe in it and you are committed to your main objectives. In such cases you need a leader, a reliable partner, who can offer a solution and shows the way in order to accomplish your mission.

Let the Gnome Design team be your leader on the road, during our more than ten-year-old career we have successfully held on several times in our challenging projects. A team which – beside high technology and latest tools – is not afraid to grab a pen and paper if it comes to design – and does not search for framework solutions for the problem but is possessing professional solutions.

Therefore we would like to promote our experience and portfolio in its details, in order to lead you on a safe and predictable partnership and – after reaching our common goal – to share your success!

Yours sincerely,

Béla Bihari