Gnome Design 2020-2030

In this mighty project won under the Romanian Operational Regional Program (POR 2.2), we have summarized our goals for the next ten years. We are scaling two technological strands of the project’s professional line, which primarily enables the development of industrial applications for mobile and tablet devices. In parallel, we are strengthening the bioinformatics research project line within the European Union – Horizon 2020. Our intention is to be the leader in our region in the ​​software development business for platforms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We want to benefit together with local experts and young researchers from these projects, which will enable the most advanced technological development in our region.

On the investment line, we will build a centrally located development centre. The project was awarded the “Quality Assured Passive House”  pre-certificate by the International Passive House Institute of Darmstadt, Germany. According to our current data, the building will be a unique achievement in the field of the energy performance of buildings, both locally and also in Eastern Europe.

The green attic building blends tradition with bold architectural style with the use of natural and visual materials and innovation by enabling the cutting edge of modern engineering and transparent materials technology.

Facts & Figures

  • Total Cost 1,65M EUR
  • EU grant: 0.97M EUR
  • Own budget: 0.5M EUR
  • Planned project closure: June 2021
  • Building total capacity: 55 persons
  • Useful surface: 770 m2
  • Certifications: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 15408