Production monitoring

Flowtrack: The real-time production monitoring system

Flowtrack is a browser based real-time production monitoring system designed for small and medium sized enterprises, production unites and lines.

Minimizing pressure, raising the productivity!

  • What is our daily material consumption?
  • When can we deliver a given order?
  • Which team is/was the most effective on a given production phase?

Answer these daily questions assisted by Flowtrack and take responsible decisions based on reports and monitored data.

“Simplicity is complexity resolved”
The success of our system will depend on the capacity of your team who will enter the data. Therefore we don’t offer complicated overwhelmed layouts with many buttons, clicks and navigation paths. Both for desktop or mobile, we designed a user interface as simple and intuitive as possible in order to really support your production.

Core features:

  • Customer management
  • Offer and order management
  • Stock management
  • Production and workflow monitoring
  • Real-time material consumption
  • Activity tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Packaging and delivery assistance
  • Forecast and reporting

Your benefits:

  • HR allocation optimization
  • Material and stock usage escalation
  • Improved overall productivity, efficiency and quality with timely hands-off data capture and analysis of both machine and process performance data.
  • Elimination of unnecessary downtime as production and maintenance issues are identified before they become a problem
  • Reduced production monitoring expenses.
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